I've been an Apple Computer user since grade 3 or 4, in Minnesota, playing Number Munchers and Word Munchers and using Print Shop on the Apple ][e's that my school had in a computer lab. I remember once even trying to learn LOGO (elementary school-level programming language). Now I wish that I had stuck with it.

I got my first very own Mac in 9th grade, an LCII, as a belated bar mitzvah gift. It had a modem. I used Prodigy online and my friend's BBSs for about a year or so (1992/3), until I lost interest. And I used that LCII until just this past year. Talk about getting the most for your money!

Now I have a spiffy new blue and white G3, and many of these pages have been helpful in making the purchasing decision as well as keeping me up to date with the latest goings on at Apple. Maybe some info here for you to use too.

my fav mac insider info/rumors pg

trustworthy insider rumors and info

industy updates 3x a day

info/rumors 4 imac and ibook users


ogrady's powerpage
great info for powerbook users

"legit" weekly ver. of macworld mag

weekly reviews of best shareware

apple donuts
lots of sherlock sets, soundsets

"original mac news & info site since '94"

os 8.5 themes
some themes, some soundsets

the star that shines above