I have taken two semesters of black and white photography (Intro. and Advanced) during my years at college. Would that I could have had more! However, I was blessed with a fantastic professor who encouraged experimentation and wasn't afraid to tell me when she thought that I wasn't challenging myself. I was also blessed with a close friend who taught me more about photography than she realized. Not just about how or what to shoot, but how to be excited about a shadow or a texture or a scene composition.

The works here are mostly from the earlier days of my shooting, as I have not had a chance to get the more recent works into computer. The thumbnails are here, leading to a larger work. Some are indeed very large, so be forewarned that it might take a moment or more to open them, should you try. As always, feedback is encouraged and welcome.

I have yet to make this page complete. I am sorry. Please revisit it within a week or two. Thank you.