Culture is, by my definition (of course), the things that define us as a society, and the things that we as a society define. Somewhat circular, as many things in this world can be. Many people think of culture as "high" or "aristocratic" ideas, events, works, etc. Others view culture as that which we amuse ourselves with during the course of our days and nights.

The culture items you will find here are a hodgepodge of my miscellaneous interests. From football to media criticism. Love your own diversity! Learn to live with your two selves (or more). But most of all, consume information!

the essence of media critique

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free radio, learn how!


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oldest community-owned station in usa

first pacifica station

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my alma of the best ever

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univ. of minnesota radio is good

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online designer outlet 4 the prada in u
go vikings! season starts soon

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