And here we have music. Those who know me will perhaps be surprised that there are no specific bands linked here, and in fact, I must admit that I rarely look at "band homepages". I think that's because I've found so many resources online that can merge all of my various musical interests together, can give me more variety of information and more specific info at the same time.

The collection here ranges from Indie to Drum n Bass to Drone to Hiphop to straight-up popular. There are places to purchase music and related items as well as places to read about a certain scene or style. Paper magazines with websites and ezines coexist. RealAudio links abound. I hope you can find something useful here. And if you have a recommendation for me, by all means pass it along. Maybe I'll post it here.

droneon--> Mailing List
best info about drone+related musics

nice american ver. of uk dance mag

best uk jungle mag handsdown

insound--> Store
indierock lives on the web! good articles!


factory 188--> RealAudio stream
excellent live electronic stream(mp3 too!)

the mac ver. of an mp3 player

aquarius--> Store
sanfran based. supplier of excellent music

cddb--> Database
find nearly artist/title/album ever.

columbiahouse--> Store
honestly, i like their services

dnb arena--> MailingList
best source for drumnbass info from the uk
us ver., trying to keep up the info

breakbeat sci.--> Store
the first and best u.s.a. jungle supplier

forced exposure--> Store
great resource for "out there" music

wrbc--> RealAudio stream
yeah, it's on here twice, but it's worth it

hiphophut--> Store
nice site, good info about artists/merch.

bent crayon--> Store + Mail
other great resource 4 "out there" music