Sex-positive is the in-vogue term for expressing positive ideas about sex and sexuality in terms of openness, candor, guilt-free discussion, direct education and learning, and general curiosity. It is the belief that making sexual information easily and widely available will build and strengthen our acceptance of a natural activity.

These links are sites that address this issue head-on, by creating interesting, fun, extremely well-articulated and informative content. While these sites do contain sexual materials not necessarily suited for every viewer, the idea is that they are not pornography. By entering these sites, you make a statement that you want to learn more about the human body/bodies. Don't feel like you have to sneak about here. Enjoy yourself!

good vibrations--> Store
worker owned store, w/super links!> Info
excellent & well-written. many topics

"the journal of sex and sensibility"

clean sheets
erotic literary magazine


sensual source--> Store
quality products

yellow silk
literary mag coming online soon

"literary smut", intelligent articles

mouth organ
"sex, gender, culture, commentary"