I graduated college with a B.A. in English. Which means that I'm supposed to know my subject from my predicate. But I don't. Which isn't to say that my education was poor--far from it! I'm just not a grammer master. Some people are, like my roommate the first two years of college. He was a Chemistry major.

I did, however, develop a sense for the written word while at school. And like most of my interests, this too tends to the abstract or "underground", as well as the poetic. The links for writing on this page range from weblogs to comic books to online editions of poetry magazines to online bookstores. Take a step back from yourself. Develop a sense of the world through someone else's perspective. Believe in the power and complexity of language. Communicate yourself.

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gumball poetry
if you see a machine, insert a coin

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beloit poetry journal
small maine poetry mag

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weblogs are like diaries w/links

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i worked here for 4 years. it was great!

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